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Related article: Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 16:00:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Christ Sol
Subject: Fascist Fuck 42 (Story Submission)*** Disclaimer: Although the members of the punk rock band "fascist force
42" ARE mostly queer, this is a work of fiction. That said, it's a really
steamy work of fiction and under 18s should either go cyber someone IRC or
grow some hair on their chest before continuing.
I am, and always have been a punk, so if you wanna call what I've written
cliched or cashing in on an image, save it fer Oprah. Steal this story or
any characters from it and yer soul better belong to Pacman cause yer ass
belongs to me. Comments questions and croutons to Oh
yeah, a bit of lust roughness in the bit where they root, so if ur a
light-hearted pansy, I hear they're having a sale real lolita top sites
at Macy's."when the kids, are united
they will never, be divided."=== Wrink threw his entire body forward, attacking the toms like a wild
animal, running thru 16th and 32nd fills as thousands of watts of pure
music and energy fueled the seething, sweating crowd of punks, skinheads,
mods and bootgirls. Shaking his fringe hottest lolita nude boys from his eyes, he concentrated on
the final roll as executed the unrehearsed ending with military
precision. This was what music was all about. This was what life was all
about.Wrink was a member of the punk rock band fascist force 42, a 4-piece
rockabilly outfit from rural Melbourne, Australia. They had traveled
15,000 miles to Raleigh, North Carolina for the OI and StreetPunk Fest
2000, and this was their second last night. Stumbling to his feet, he
kicked the bass drum aside and joined his buddies at the front of the
stage, grinning like an idiot, feeling Mono, the bassist, pant like a dog
in the desert. The crowd roared, pounded, and chanted, a blur of mohawks
and chains and leather, screaming "FORCE!!! FORCE!!! FORCE!!!"The parcans dimmed and dropped out and the boys, laughing and united,
jumped from the stage into the backstage area, the trailer door being
swung open for them.Not Rebecca and snatchnation were on the couches in the trailer, and
hooted free loli girls nude as Wrink, Mono, Shanus and Good Measure threw themselves down and
demanded their beer."You guys were fuckin' wild!" Jamie cried out, her pink hair spiked up.
"Yeah, good set, I reckon." Wrink replied.
"Looks like you aussie boys know how to play."Thirteen heads turned, and realised the voice from behind them was one of
the foldback engineers, Cain. White King to White King 6."Had ya doubts did ya boy?" Good Measure grinned, longneck in hand.
"Don't call me boy. And after last night, I was wonderin' yeh."
Shanus groaned and held his head in his hands. The night before, the
combination of beer and one too many pills had got to his head, causing
him to pull the band way out of time for a good 10 minutes."Anyways, come down and meet your adoring fans... The spit's all cooked
and ready to eat. Anyone coming?"
Wrink looked him over. About six foot one, cropped hair with a two inch
fringe. Real lean, tight body, Sex Pistols shirt and a pair of the
steeliest, clearest eyes he'd ever seen.
"Or were you just going to stare at me all night?"
Shanus looked up from his hands.
"Well, ya cant blame the guy. You're pretty fuckable, mate."
A silence descended on the trailer.
Daniel from Not Rebecca broke the silence.
"Your gay?"
Wrink looked at Shanus, who looked at Good Measure, who glanced back to
Jamie who was looking at Mono. They cracked up.
"Yeh dude, we all fuck guys. We're poo punchers, fudge packers, pillow
biters. Cept Mono, he likes a bit of the old tuna sandwich on the side."
Cain cleared his throat loudly and stomped down out of the trailer, chain
clinking with him.
"30-hole cherry red shitkickers", Wrink thought, and felt something stir
inside his pants. He could have eaten those boots for breakfast, no sauce,
no salt, no sweat. He banged down out of the trailer and after him..2.
The spit was undercooked and threatened to cause more food poisoning than
the stale week-old bread they were offering, so Wrink and Cain headed down
to the Bar outside of the festival grounds for a couple of Heinekens."You know it's pretty shit they dont have Heineken at the 'fest eh?" Cain
said, eyes on the road as they crunched through the gravel of the street
that led out of Trinity Park.
"Right on, bro. Heiny's my favorite beer!"
Cain regarded the punk out of the corner of his eye. 5'7, red mohawk,
stubble, hottest lolita nude boys and a blue/black ink right down his right bicep. He suddenly
regretted wearing stretch-denim jeans to the festival that day."-- and then Mono -- Cain, cain mate! You listening?"Cain snapped out of his daze."Oh sorry mate, was a million miles away. free loli girls nude
Nice ink by the way."
"This? Naw this is nothing. Check this out!"Wrink pulled up his sweat-soaked shirt to reveal a tattoo covering his
abs. It was getting dark, so Cain stepped closer to get a close look, not
noticing that Wrink hadnt stopped walking yet.
A couple of stars later, Wrink was on the ground, Cain on top of him,
hands on his abs."Cain Cain Cain, you wouldn''t be trying to seduce me would you?" Wrink
playfully cooed, ignoring the pain in the back of his head.
"Well I've always had a thing for guys with mohawks" Cain replied, calling
his bluff.The two rolled over into high grass beside the road, Wrink's eyes now
burning down into Cain's.
"I suggest you fucking kiss me before I get the wrong idea."
"I suggest you fucking make me."Wrink snarled, grabbing Cain's wrists and mashing his lips against
Cains. Cain let his mouth slip open and soul-kissed Wrink, his eyes
closing as the smell of lolitta world free pics
beer and sweat and raw testosterone intoxicated
him, drinking the scent of the young drummer, more powerful than any ale
or spirit. They rolled over again so Cain was on top, his steel-grey eyes
glittering in the fading light, the sound of thousands of feral punks in
the distance, fueling their passion. Cain licked down his sweaty chest,
sucking hard on Wrinks nipples, his hands sliding up his ripped jeans in
his crotch.Wrink moaned.
"You sure know how to treat a boy, mate."
"You aint seen nothin' yet, homeboy" Cain sniggered, and the punks
laughed, hands exploring eachothers bodies.
"Lets get out of these clothes."
"ya reckon it's safe?"
Wrink looked around and realised the sun had called it a day.
"We're at a punkfest bro. The only risk is being sprung by a couple of
Gucci-fags going for a Chardonnay Sundowner. Now take your fucking clothes
off before I take them off for you!"Cain decided to call Wrink's bluff one more time. hottest lolita nude boys Black King to White King
2."make me, fucker."Wrink grinned, evilly, then pulled a long curved object out of his
belt. The steadily rising moon bounced off the blade's edge as he reached
down with the knife and cut deftly away at Cain's jeans."What the FUCK do you think yer fuckin ---"
His voice was cut off by Wrink's pierced tongue, holding him at bay while
the shreds of his jeans were scattered by the wind. Check mate.
"No underwear, huh?" Wrink sneered, kicking off his own jeans over his
boots. Bending down, Cain gasped and arched his lower back as his cock
was drawn heavily into Wrink's mouth, who hungrily pumped up and down on
his six inches of uncut cock, rubbing his own."Oh fuck yeah man, dont stop, suck my cock, oh wrink, oh yeah..."
Wrink pulled off and looked up.
"No time for games, I'm ready to blow man. Top, bottom or vers bro?"
Cain looked at him, head cocked, then realised what he was being asked,
and laughed abruptly."I wouldnt know. Never taken it up the ass."
Wrink's eyebrow arched.
"Surely you jest Sir."
"No, seriously."
"Well, umm-- I dont know if--"
"Shut up and stick yer dick in my butt already:"
Wrink grinned and leaned over, pressing his cock against Cain's sweaty
hole, sweat dripping down his face onto Cain's lips. Cain trembled in a
mixture of cold and nerves. He had known this guy for all of 2 days, and
was about to lose his virginity to him. No love, no curtain shopping, just
two punkdudes locked in a coupling of mad, drugfucked lust. He winced and
sucked in his breath as he felt Wrink enter him, and waited for him to
stop.Wrink looked down, hands cradling his face and neck, knowing if he pulled
out now, he would hurt him more. He let it sit, then began to fuck him in
slow, gentle strokes."That OK?"
"Mmm good or Mmm bad?"
"Mmm good."
"Mmmm."Wrink began to fuck him a little top lolita web sites deeper, a little faster, a little harder,
his chest and abs pumping as he looked down at the object of his passion,
a boy of barely 18 years, who he had been wanting since the moment he got
off that derelict wooden stage. He was drawn back to the moment by a gasp
from Cain. Looking down, he caught a blast of come down his cheek and jaw
and Cain, lost in a world of heat, sexual energy and flesh, orgasmed in a
blazing display of youthful lust."Oh fuck, oh fuck man, oh fuck - yeahhhhh...."
Wrink pulled out and jerked his cock furiously, but knew the beer was
holding him back. He let his wang go and hold Cain in his arms, kissing
him madly. Then they lay in the cold breeze, the afterglow of their fling
holding them together closely. Somewhere in the distance, someone was
covering a Not Rebecca song. Wrink smiled and mouthed the words down to
his newfound buddy"And all those fucked up things I do
I wanted you to know
They're just for you.""Dude, what am I gonna do about pants?"
===(C) 2000 Christoph Sol, Not Rebecca and it's material
appear courtesy of Johann's Face Records, Addison, IL.
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